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Going to Vienna the 12th, anyone got Any tips on where to go and such??

You should definitely go to “flex” - it’s a night club with great alternative music. If you want to visit an gayclub, I’d recommend you the “why not” club, but it’s noting special realy, there are also mainly men, but it can be fun!. If you just want to have a casual coffe you can visit the “gugg cafe” which is the headquarter of the austriangaysociety, it’s just a nice little cafe/bar, where you’re not going to feel judging eyes on you, if you kiss your girlfriend (austrians can be kinda conservative sometimes). Also the”rosa lila villa” is a nice place for feminists and woman in general. If you want to go shopping I’d send you to the “mariahilferstraße”, it’s the biggest shoppingstreet in Vienna, and at the end of it, is the so called “museunsquartier”(quarter of musemus) - and this is a very nice place to chill in the evening. It is full of young people and students, sitting arouns on the benches or simply on the ground, drinking, listening to music, talking, enjoyng their youth and the slowly sinking temperatures.
I’d love to meet you guys up, there a still a lot of cool places to visit, which are only known by real Viennese. ^.^

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I totally forgot what a relief it is to express your feelings on tumblr through pictures and quotes other people posted.

I guess I’m back on the Tumblrtrain.

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You need power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get something done.
― Charlie Chaplin

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